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Rules for Real Estate Agents in the Citrus

Only legitimate and licensed Real Estate Professionals may submit home listings on the Citrus Course Homeowners Association website. Open House and Homes for Sale listing forms are located in the Realtor eForms at the bottom of this page.  

Real Estate agents are welcome on the Citrus property from 9:00am until 5:30pm daily.

Real Estate and security company signs, which do not comply with the following criteria, require the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.

The following shall be permitted:

Two signs not to exceed twenty-four inches (24") by thirty inches (30"), which state that the premises is "For Sale". The "For Sale" signs color may only include dark brown lettering on beige background and must be set in the ground, not on any wall or building. All signs must be professionally manufactured. No hand-lettered signs are allowed. The 24" x 30" sign shall be located on the Lot in the locations prescribed herein. Failure to comply with these prescribed sign locations may subject the property owner to the enforcement provisions of the Association's governing documents.

In the case of lots improved with single-family homes one sign shall be located in the front yard section of the lot in a planter bed, not the lawn area, no closer to the street than thirteen feet (13') from the curb; and/or one sign may be located in the rear (backyard) side of the lot, within the boundary lines of the Lot.

In the case of vacant Custom Lot properties one sign shall be located in the front section of the Lot, no closer to the street than 25 feet twenty-five feet (25') from the curb; and/or one sign may be located on the golf course side of the vacant Custom Lot property, but it shall be at least five feet (5') behind the boundary line.

All signs shall be set firmly in the ground so that they stand upright at all times. Signs in the front section of the Lot shall be set facing parallel to the street. Signs in the rear section of the Lot shall be set facing parallel to the rear lot line.

"For Rent" or "For Lease" signs shall conform to the same requirements noted in this section but only one sign is permitted in the front yard section of the lot.

Open Houses

One "Open House" sign conforming to the same size and color specifications as prescribed above may be posted on the Lot in addition to a For Sale sign, but only when a qualified Real Estate person(s) or owner is on the premises to conduct an Open House. The "Open House" sign shall be located in the front section of the Lot no closer to the street than five (5) feet from the curb. The "Open House" sign shall be set in the ground so that it stands upright at all times and the sign shall be set so that it is perpendicular to the street. All "Open House" signs are to be removed by 5:00 p.m. of the day of the Open House. Further, no additional For Sale, Open House, etc., signs, e.g., directional signs to an Open House are permitted in the community or on the roadways, medians or verges adjacent to the community. Also, no signs, flags or balloons shall be used to call attention to a property for sale.

Real Estate agent sponsored "Open Houses" are to be held between 10:00am and 5:00pm on Saturday and/or Sunday. Open House signs erected before 10:00am may be removed by security. A Citrus "Open House" sign will be placed at each entrance by security from 10:00am until 5:00pm. Open houses can be added to the Citrus map which is given out by security, by completing an open house request form, found at the bottom of this page under Realtor eForms. The request must be submitted  by 2:00pm on Thursday proceeding the Open House.

Homes for Sale

Realtors with current listings within the Citrus Course HOA, now have the ability to post their current “Citrus” listings on our website. Listing on the Association website is not mandatory for Realtors in order to sell properties inside the Citrus. This feature is offered by the HOA to legitimate and licensed Real Estate Professionals as a free method of advertisement.

To submit a listing, click on the Realtor eForm link at the bottom of this page and select the "Homes for Sale" link. Follow the instruction and complete the eForm, ensuring to enter the appropriate information in the “required” fields (marked with an asterisk). The submitted listings are received by the Management office and reviewed prior to posting. The Management company does not edit or change the information submitted on the form.

If you find you have entered incorrect information and would like to edit your listing, please use the auto response email received from the initial posting submission of the property.

 ** Please only submit ONE (1) photo of the listing.

 Realtor eForms 

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