Open House List

Real Estate agent sponsored "Open Houses" are held on Saturday and/or Sunday between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Non-Residents of the Citrus Course HOA are welcome to enter the property for the purpose of attending one or more scheduled Open Houses. All non-residents entering the Citrus must stop and receive an Open House Pass from Security. The pass can be issued at either the Jefferson gate or the Avenue 52 gate. The pass will entitle non-residents to drive the streets of the Citrus and park their vehicle, on the citrus street, in front of a listed Open House. Please be sure to verify the days and times of specific Open Houses below.

The Open House pass does not grant access to the Citrus Golf Course or Clubhouse.

Please observe all posted traffic control signs in the Citrus, including Stop Signs and the posted 25 MPH Speed Limit.

CLICK HERE for a printable map of the Open House showings for February 23rd & 24th.

50815 Nispero - Saturday: None, Sunday: 11a - 3p

79338 Cetrino - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: 12p - 3p

79295 Toronja - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: 12p - 3p

79310 Toronja - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None

79275 Liga - Saturday: 1p - 3p, Sunday: 12p - 3p

79630 Baya - Saturday: 1p - 4p, Sunday: 12p - 2p

79750 Tangelo - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None

78885 Lima - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None

50970 Mango - Saturday: - , Sunday: - 

79145 Mandarina - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None

79575 Mandarina - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None

79395 Mandarina - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None

79300 Toronja - Saturday: 12p - 3p, Sunday: None


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